The resort where we stayed has a “dinner bus” that shuttles between the hotel and popular restaurants in Hakuba town centre. There are many good places to go for Japanese food and if you haven’t tried Okonomi-yaki (Japanese savoury pancake) yet, you should head to BOS which specialises in these mouth-watering pancakes served on a metal grill at your table. The batter and toppings vary according to region and BOS serves Osaka-style which is one of the most popular.

Reservation is highly recommended unless you go very early because it is a small restaurant with only 2 or 3 tables and a few seats at the counter. While we were dining, many disappointed customers were turned away.

We ordered two pork and fried egg Okonomi-yakis - one with Mochi (rice cake) and cheese and the other with Kimchi

There are 4 variations of pork okonomi-yaki listed on the menu and a good selection of appetizers and side dishes written on the blackboard. We ordered two pork and fried egg okonomi-yakis, one with cheese and Mochi (rice cake), and the other with Kimchi. We also ordered fried soba noodles and a few side dishes, including grilled sliced yam, gyoza and home-made bacon.

The pancakes are all topped with fine bonito flakes that move and sway due to the heat from the pancakes. The sight of this was both beautiful and scary for my friends who had not had okonomi-yaki before.

Grilled Sliced Yam (山芋の鉄板焼き)
自家製ベーコン (Home-made Bacon)
Fried soba noodles served on the grill at the table
Butatama (豚玉) Okonomi-yaki with pork, Mochi (rice cake), cheese and fried eggs topped with bonito flakes

As you can see from the Gourmet Map of Hakuba, there are more than 50 restaurants and cafes in the town centre and our favourite is still BOS!