Since we stayed at a brand-new rental property with a nice kitchen, we only dined out a couple of times in Niseko. Heeding the recommendation of a friend who comes here very often, we headed to Ezo Seafood and Oyster Bar on our first night. Ezo serves fresh local seafood and the menu changes according to what seafood is available for the day.

The restaurant was very busy when we arrived and although we waited more than an hour for our table, the Gaijin owner and his staff were very friendly and hospital. While I wasn’t surprised that there were many visitors from overseas, I was really surprised to find that many businesses are owned by foreigners.

The Gaijin owner and his staff are very friendly and hospitable.
Fresh seafood in tanks - much like Chinese seafood restaurants

We ordered a Sashimi, Calamari, Scallops Steamed in Soy Sauce, Japanese Seafood Stew and Seafood Chowder. The food was really good and the wait for a table was definitely worth it.

Scallops steamed in soy sauce
There are big chunks of fish in this Japanese seafood stew
Seafood Chowder

We had lunch at a Hokkaido-style Japanese restaurant called Fuji Sushi (ふじ鮨) during one of our lunch breaks and I ordered Fried Unagi Rice Box.

Hokkaido-style Fried Unagi Rice Box at Sushi Fuji (ふじ鮨)
A food truck serving authentic Indian dishes on the main street of Hirafu